Best Small Window Air Conditioner Units

If you already have a heating or cooling system in your home, but need to make sure that certain rooms in your house are extra cool, you may want to think about getting a window air conditioner. These units are smaller than standard units, and are very easy to carry and operate. Here are a few brands that have the window air conditioner units that you may need.

Kenmore Window Air Conditioner Units

Kenmore is a great company to get the appliances that you need in order to keep your home or business warmer or cooler. Models like the 76081 have 7,800 BTU, which means that for such a small unit, the machine can make most rooms very cool in a short amount of time.

Kenmore Window Air ConditionerYou usually will not spend more than $200 to purchase this unit, and there are electronic controls that make this window air conditioner very easy to operate. This unit is also quiet, so you will not have to sacrifice peace and serenity for cool, comfortable temperature.

You can also put the unit in energy-saver mode, which is great for the environment, and there is a twelve-hour delay timer on the unit as well, so that cool air will come out as you program it.

Rooms that are about four hundred square feet or less can benefit from this unit, so many of the rooms in your home can use this window air conditioner.

GE Window Air Conditioner

The GE ASM14AL is another great unit that you will want to look at. This is a larger unit that is equipped for rooms that are about seven hundred square feet. However, this unit does not have an auto-start feature like some of the other units you may find in appliance stores. However, the programmable temperature setting, twenty-four hour timer, and remote control still make this unit a great buy.

Haier Window Air Conditioner

Smaller window air conditioner units can also be purchased from Haier, a company that offers affordable units that you can use every day. The HPE07XC6 will cost you about $350, and you can cool a room that is around one hundred and fifty square feet or so. Most of the water that is condensed by using the machine is done away with through the main exhaust hose, which means that you do not have to empty the collection cup often.

If you want to find window air conditioner units that you can afford, you can check out your local Lowe's or Home Depot to find the appliances that you need to start improving your home or office. Additional pieces and units can also be found at discount department stores like Target or Wal-Mart.