Plug in Air Fresheners that Neutralize the Air

Now, you do not have to use an aerosol spray can every time you want to enhance the fragrance of your home or office because plug in air fresheners will give your space a clean and fresh scent all day long, and you will not have to worry about using sprays that could be harmful to the environment. Here are some brands to choose from, as well as a few of the best places to find air freshener supplies at low prices.

How do Plug In Air Fresheners Work

The plug in air freshener works when it is in the wall socket. It begins to heat up after being plugged in, which causes the fragrance to spread around the room.

Renuzit Electric Gel Plug in Air FreshenersThere is usually enough fragrance in the freshener to last for up to thirty days, and there are even plug-ins that have an additional outlet built into them, so that you will still be able to use the socket to plug in the other electrical items you need.

Glade and Renuzit have plug-in varieties for you to choose from, and you can find them at your local grocery stores, or at your favorite discount stores like Wal-Mart or Target.

If you need to purchase plug in air fresheners in bulk for your office building, you can order online from various wholesale suppliers. Not only will you get a detailed description of each air freshener, but you will also be able to read customer reviews about the product, so you will know what to expect once your fresheners arrive. You can save a considerable amount of money ordering online as well.

Plug In Air Fresheners Fragrance Refills

Once the plug in air fresheners have run out of fragrance, you can purchase refill cartridges to replace your home scent. This will also help you to save money, since you will not have to purchase a completely new plug-in device. These refills are available from well-known companies like Glade, and you can find them in your local grocery store in the detergent or laundry aisles.

If you want to do more to neutralize the air in your home or office, and want to keep your environment free of toxins that could show up in the air, you may also want to consider purchasing the plug in air sanitizer from Germ Guardian.

While plug in air fresheners simply fragrance a room, the sanitizer can destroy the germs associated with the flu, and the UV-C light on the device is used to sanitize the air by attracting germs to the light. The air is purified by the machine, and then released back into the room. Hospitals even use this UV-C procedure as a way to keep the air clean.