Metered Air Fresheners Help Overcome Bad Odors

Numerous situations occur where it just makes good sense to utilize metered air fresheners. Most public restroom facilities these days now use these products to help keep bad odors under control. Locker rooms are also viable locations for this technology, as is any space where the air can become trapped, stale and "ripe."

Metered Air Fresheners Dispenser

Most metered freshening products are mounted high up on a wall so that the fragrance can be dispersed well and will circulate easily throughout the room. These automated units are battery powered in most cases and are very much hassle-free. These scented air fresheners simply add a light, fresh, clean scent into any room throughout the day, helping to keep any room from being overcome with bad odors.

The majority of automatic air freshener systems are equipped with timers that can be set to dispense the fragrance only during the hours the facility is in operation. This can actually help save a good deal of aerosol air freshener product and reduce waste that could otherwise happen through using these metered air fresheners.

Metered Air Fresheners Deodorizer and Fragrance

Timemist Metered Air Fresheners DispenserThe manufacturers of these units offer an array of scents from which to choose, plus third party providers offer additional scents as well. In many cases the aerosol sprays fresheners that are used in these units are a combination of fragrance and odor neutralizers.

This combination means that not only will a fragrance be infused into the atmosphere to cover up any offensive odors, but the neutralizing components also help to remove and eliminate the bad smells from the room. This is particularly important if there is poor ventilation since the exchange of air helps to move odors out and away. However, it should be noted that an automatic air freshener should not be expected to take the place of proper ventilation.

How Automatic Metered Air Fresheners Dispensers Work

The more sophisticated air fresheners are equipped with LCD displays that also allow for more detailed programming, so that you can chose different hours of operation for different days of the week. These LCD readouts also help those responsible for maintenance to see the status of the unit and to determine if it is time for an air freshener refill. In addition, there are even some automatic air freshener models that include hi-tech "smart chip" technology. This allows them to automatically maximize the effectiveness of the air freshening functions by monitoring the conditions of the atmosphere.

Metered air fresheners are quite simple devices, and often overlooked, but should be part of any large operation that needs to take into consideration the comfort of employees, customers or guests. They can make a very great different in how a person perceives the facility and if they will enjoy the environment or be eager to leave. Because of this, more and more retail stores are using automatic air freshener technology to help make sure the customers enjoy the shopping environment.