Ionic Breeze Air Freshener Offers High-Tech Air Cleaning

The Sharper Image is a well-known retailer that has brought many innovative products to the market and the Ionic Breeze air freshener has been one of their all time best sellers, with sales of over a million units in just the last few years since they were first introduced. The company executives were also the innovators of this product, as they had it developed, manufactured and marketed.

Ionic Breeze Air Freshener Reviews

Recently a leading independent research company did a national survey that revealed that these air freshener products have become the most well known and most trusted brand of air fresheners. They also can boast of the highest ratings in customer satisfaction as compared to the major competing brands. One of the ways this is demonstrated is through the high percentage of repeat purchases.

How does the Ionic Breeze Air Freshener Work

The Ionic Breeze air freshener works very differently from the way the inexpensive aerosol air fresheners work. In fact, they really are in completely different categories, although some consumers are not clear about the differences. Scented air fresheners such as gel air fresheners and spray air fresheners do nothing more than infuse some fragrance into a room.

Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Air FreshenerIn contrast, the Ionic Breeze product actually traps airborne particles such as pollen and dander, as well as allergens and other pollutants. Odors are also caused by minuscule particles, which can also be captured by the technology employed by the Ionic Breeze home air fresheners. When these various particles, which pollute and smell up the air are captured, they can then be contained and removed from the air.

However, aerosol air freshener approaches do nothing to truly remove the cause of odors. They simply put a layer of fragrance over the top of the odors that are already in the air. In addition, spray air fresheners also cause some folks concern because they inject chemicals into the atmosphere as part of the fragrance mixture. Ionic Breeze home air freshener units do not put any type of chemicals into the air and are, in fact, quite effective at removing chemical contaminants from the air.

Ionic Breeze Air Freshener for Bathrooms and Small Spaces

The Ionic Breeze product has a number of features that also contributes to their popularity and excellent performance record. They are perfect for home environments because they operate completely silently and have no moving parts during operation. You can leave one running all night next to your bed and not even know it is there.

Even though they run silently, and without the background rattle of fans, these home air fresheners are still very effective at drawing air into the units for purifying and capturing the particulates from the air. Many folks marvel that they can accomplish this without motors and fans, but it is the technological breakthrough of the ionic operation that makes this possible.

Another advantage to using the Ionic Breeze products is that you never have to deal with changing messy or expensive filters. This is because the technology also sidesteps the use of filters. The allergens and pollutants are trapped through an electrostatic charge and are fused onto the charging plates. These plates do need to be cleaned occasionally, but it is as simple as wiping down a blade with a damp cloth.

Since there are no electricity hungry motors and fans involved in the operation of Ionic Breeze air freshener units, they cost a lot less to operate than other fan-based types of air freshener products. This aspect taken in combination with the fact that you never need to buy replacement filters makes the Ionic Breeze simply cheaper to run. This more than justifies the higher cost and it is estimated that by the end of just one year of operation, folks will have saved money, as compared to other kinds of air purifiers that rely on fans and filters.