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There was a recent lawsuit filed in the US by a major ionic air purifier manufacturer who claimed that a consumer report about their air purifiers was a product defamation. The report in question claimed that the tested air purifier system removed very little matter from the air and that it significantly raised ozone levels.

Unfortunately, for the ionic air purifier manufacturer and for thousands of customers, the judge dismissed the case stating that the company had failed to demonstrate that it could prove any of the statements made by Consumer Reports were false.

Ionic Air Purifier and Ozone

Sharper Image Ionic Air PurifierOzone is found naturally in the earth's atmosphere where it is beneficial because it protects us from the sun's harmful rays. However, in your house, ozone produced by air purifiers can be harmful.

Companies selling these air purifiers claim that the ozone emitted is at safe levels to clean the air. The reality though is that the same ozone emitted by the air purifier can, even in relatively low concentrations, irritate lung tissues, cause chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, and can actually worsen the conditions of persons suffering from asthma.

Is an Ionic Air Purifier Bad for You

The biggest problem with these air purifiers is that the unit has no control to prevent over exposure to the ozone.

The ozone can kill various airborne spores but it can also cause problems to humans.

Over time, although the air purifier emits the same amount of ozone, the levels in the room increase all the time that the air purifier continues working. It is only a matter of time before the level of ozone moves from safe to unsafe.

Ionic Air Purifier and Health

As well as health problems, various studies have found that high ozone levels can cause deterioration to rubber, upholstery and paintwork. Quite obviously, if ozone can eventually crumble the paint on your walls and the material covering your armchairs, you can only imagine what it can be doing to your lungs.

So, is an ionic air purifier really worth the risk to your health? Even if the risk is only slight, there is still some danger there.

As with most things, there are two sides to any story. Some alternative medicine proponents claim that ozone is relatively harmless to humans while others say that the ozone produced by an ionic air purifier is only a danger if you use it in an enclosed room.

That may well be correct but it is one of those maybe or maybe not situations. If there is a risk there, why play the odds with something as simple as an ionic air purifier that may do more harm than good.

In essence, the air purifier you are trusting to remove irritants from the air is not working. Instead, your allergies or asthma is now irritating your lungs because of the ozone.

The truth is that while allergens are being removed, a new, possibly deadlier irritant is replacing the air that you breathe. There is no point in running an ionic air purifier, if it is going to make the conditions worse. Think about it! Why risk your life with an air purifier that might be making your symptoms worse?

As well as being a waste of money, it is also a bigger risk in the long run. Instead of an ionic air purifier, turn to a unit with HEPA filters which can help reduce allergens in the air without adding something new that is more toxic.