How Does a Home Dehumidifier Work

A home dehumidifier is a fantastic device that makes it rather easy to control the humidity level in a house. When the air indoors gets humid, it can be an uncomfortable and even unbearable environment in which to live. High humidity is not only intolerable at times, but it can also help to create a situation that can be damaging to a home and the contents. This is because high humidity in closed spaces is the perfect breading ground for mold and dust mites. A home dehumidifier can make all the difference.

Home Dehumidifier Humidity Control

Humidity is generally referred to in terms of what the relative humidity is. Relative humidity is the percentage of water vapor that is present in the ambient air as compared against the greatest level of water that the air is able to maintain at any specific temperature.

The ideal level of relative humidity for an indoor environment is thirty to fifty percent in warmer weather and thirty to forty percent during colder seasons. A home dehumidifier is able to maintain the optimal relative humidity indoors, which helps to minimize musty odors, while also protecting furnishings from being damaged by excessive moisture.

Home Dehumidifier DeLonghi DD45PA dehumidifier removes extra moisture in the air by employing fans that pull the humid air into the unit. The air is then passed over a refrigeration system that consists of both warm and cold coils. This creates condensation and the condensed water droplets drip into a collection pan or bucket.

Once the moisture has been removed through this condensation process, the remaining air, which is now less humid, is blown back into the space. A home dehumidifier will raise the temperature of the air slightly, as opposed to window or portable air conditioners, which cool the air and dehumidify it at the same time.

Some of the newer house dehumidifier models are designed to vent this warm air through the back of the unit, or through duct work, so that this warmed air is not moved into a living area where it is unwanted, especially during warm weather.

Home Dehumidifier Ratings

A home dehumidifier operates best at indoor temperatures that are above 65° F. At temperatures below this level, it can cause these air control machines to work less efficiently and some models will actually ice up. When these devices are not working efficiently, you do not receive the benefit of dehumidified air and the unit will end up costing more money to run as well.

If you routinely need to dehumidify a room or house at those lower temperatures, then you should look for a model that is specifically certified by Energy Star to operate at temperatures as low as 42° F and are equipped with an auto-defrost feature to keep ice from forming.

You should select a dehumidifier for the home according to the total area of air that needs dehumidifying and according to what the overall conditions are in the space, as well as the usual humidity levels in the area.

There are many models of dehumidifier for the home, yet the most common will have a holding capacity from thirty to fifty pints. Also available is a sixty five pint dehumidifier.

It is advisable to do some research by reading reviews of various home dehumidifier models and also comparing the energy rating of each unit you are considering before making a decision.