Energy Star Room Air Conditioners

Room air conditioners are small-sized units that are completely self-contained and are intended for use in just a single room. Most frequently, you will see these small air conditioners mounted in window openings and occasionally they are seen installed through an opening in an exterior wall. They must have the back portion of the unit installed so that it has clear access to the out-of-doors for airflow, in order to work correctly.

Room air conditioners are often a good choice for renters, since they can be removed easily and can be reinstalled in a new location. The drawback is that these small air conditioning units tend to be quite a bit less energy efficient than a central air conditioning system would be.

Energy Efficient Room Air Conditioners

In order to make it easier for residential customers to save electricity during the summer, many local power and electricity companies have begun to launch a "BE COOL" campaign. This special campaign is aimed at promoting the purchase of the most energy efficient, room air conditioner units available.

In some areas, the local power companies are even encouraging the residents to trade in their old air conditioners and replace these less efficient units with Energy Star qualified room air conditioners. The "BE COOL" challenge winner will be the participating community that gets the highest percentage of area residents to take part in the campaign.

Room Air Conditioners Rebate

Recently, another advantage to using energy efficient air conditioning systems is a federal tax credit. Folks who choose to install any type of air conditioning units, which are Energy Star rated, will be eligible for a federal tax credit of as much as three hundred dollars.

Portable Room Air Conditioners from Soleus AirThe air conditioning units that qualify for this tax credit are noticeably more expensive to buy than the ordinary room air conditioners that consume more energy to operate. However, calculating the tax incentive, along with the savings in the cost to run the unit, clearly shows that it is well worth it to install new units that qualify. Even with a savings of just ten dollars, a month on the electricity bill adds up to one twenty for a year. Add that minimum savings to that the tax credit of three hundred dollars, and the net saving is four twenty for the first year.

In most instances, this amount will more than offset the initial, higher cost of energy efficient, air conditioning units. On top of that, the energy efficient air conditioning unit will also continue to save money each year and make it more affordable to run.

When choosing a room air conditioning unit, experts advise that it is best to purchase the best model that is affordable, but not necessarily the biggest unit. The unit should fit into the amount of space available, while taking into consideration the room size.

Choosing a room air conditioner unit that is too big for the room that needs to be cooled is not going to be very energy efficient. This happens because the device has to continuously cycle on and off in an attempt to keep the temperature at the right level. In addition, this also puts a lot more wear and tear on the air conditioner parts.