Home Air Purifier Ratings and Reviews

In order to choose an energy efficient air cleaner that is also cost effective, you really need to understand how any particular model works. Independent air purifier reviews are one way of figuring this out but you also need to consider home air purifier ratings to ensure that the unit is capable of doing the job that you want it to.

The majority of air purifiers run on electricity with some of them using built in filters. Air purifier filters need regular replacement, which will obviously add to the running costs. The same applies to replacement parts and service costs should the air purifier break down at any time. You should therefore take all of these into consideration before making your final selection.

Oreck Air Purifier Ratings

When you first look at the Oreck, it would appear to be rather expensive when compared to other brands. Indeed, at nearly $400, these air purifiers are expensive, but if you dig a little deeper, you will discover that the filter is guaranteed for twelve years. That means that if the filter ever fails, the company will replace it free. Furthermore, that is twelve years that you will never have to buy a replacement filter which, by anybodies standards, adds up to some incredible savings.

The next consideration is the energy used by this system. Oreck home air purifier ratings tell us that the unit automatically turns on and off once an hour. That feature alone assures you that your electricity usage will not go through the roof because the air purifier is constantly running 24/7. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Oreck Air Purifier is the best system out there.

Air Purifier Ratings Comparison

There are numerous air purifiers on the market and you could literally spend hours if not days comparing brands and features. That is one good reason why researching the various air purifier ratings is important before you actually make your selection. After all, nobody wants to spend a whole lot of money and then find that the running and maintenance costs of the air purifier are absurdly high.

Air purifier manufacturers will try to rope you in with their special deals but at the end of the day, all they want is the sale. Other users will share their opinions and experiences online and you can find out which air purifiers really do get the job done. You can read and judge which air purifiers cost the most to operate and which air purifiers cost the least.

Ignore Air Purifier Ratings and Reviews at your Cost

Once upon a time, Jennifer asked her father to buy an air purifier system for her family at Christmas. Her father being the bargain hunter that he is, went for the best deal that he could find. Christmas came and after only one week of use, the air purifier was not working too efficiently. Jennifer found that the filter was clogged, dirty, and needed replacing. Not a problem though because the air purifier came with two free filters.

However, when that new air purifier filter was also in the same state a week later, Jennifer returned to the store to stock up on replacement air purifier filters. To her dismay, she found that replacement filters cost thirty dollars each. One hundred and twenty dollars a month on filters is a little steep by anybodies standard, so now the air purifier has been consigned to the garbage.

The moral of that story is not to fall for sales gimmicks as Jennifer’s father did. Instead, do your homework beforehand and compare different home air purifier ratings and reviews and you will then be in a position to make an informed buying decision without regretting it afterward.