Bring Back Memories With A Car Air Freshener

No matter how old you are, if you are like most people, then you probably have had more than a few instances of being in a car with one of those little green car air freshener trees that twirled around in the window and let off a great scent of pine. In fact, you would not be alone if you could close your eyes right this minute and conjure up that aroma and bring a few memories to life at the same time.

Magic Tree Car Air Freshener

The interesting thing is that no matter how many other types and styles of auto air freshener products become available in the marketplace, that little green hanging tree air freshener continues to be very popular. That is probably at least in part to the good memories it invokes, as well as a bit of nostalgia.

The reality is that people love having their car not only looking clean and shiny but also smelling wonderful inside too. While there are people who will always prefer to keep that new car aroma, for others there is just nothing like the scent that comes from that little car air freshener that brings along the hint of pine.

Pineapple Car Air FreshenerOf course, there are many other types of vehicle air freshener products on the market today that compete for the attention of car owners. In fact, just about every type of interest, hobby and sport is represented in different kinds of novelty auto air fresheners.

If you are a big sports fan, then you will be able to find an air freshener for just about every major league sport, and often you can even find them for the individuals teams as well. Your support and interest in other types of sports, such as skiing or golfing, can also be displayed through automotive air fresheners that you can find.

Another popular category in auto air freshener products is in other kinds of automobile nostalgia. You can find automotive air fresheners that sport classic automobile company logos. There are also some classic car styles that have been miniaturized and turned into car air fresheners.

Car Air Freshener Scents

Moreover, while the sports and automotive themes often appeal more to the male drivers, there are many different kinds of scented air fresheners that are specifically designed to appeal to women. Some of the often seen lines are floral images, fantasy images, such as angels and fairies, and nature inspired designs.

So, regardless of what kind of design or theme you want to reflect with your car air freshener, the fact is that you will no doubt enjoy your ride more and be more confident in giving others a lift when your car has a great aroma wafting from within. Of course, you can always go with the little green tree, or any of hundreds of other choices to freshen up the air inside your car.