Bionaire BAP1500

The Bionaire BAP1500 is a slim tower design ionizing air cleaner that features a new filter technology called PERMAtech. This revolutionary system, exclusively developed by the company, combines two highly effective methods of cleaning and purifying the air.

The Bionaire BAP1500 uses a permanent HEPA type filter and fan together with ionic technology. When used together, these help to remove up to ten times more airborne particles than traditional ionizer air cleaners.

Bionaire BAP1500 Permatech Air PurifierThe highly efficient HEPA type filter removes up to 99% of allergens such as dust, mold spores, animal dander and pollen.

The independently controlled ionizer assists in particle removal. There is also a washable foam pre filter which catches larger particles thus extending the life of the PERMAtechâ„¢ HEPA filter.

Under normal use, the PERMAtech filter in the Bionaire BAP1500 should never need replacing. All you need to do is vacuum the filter every two to three months in order to maintain it at peak performance. A built in service indicator lets you know when the filter needs cleaning.

The filters feature Microban Antimicrobial Protection which guards the HEPA filter against odor causing bacteria.

The Bionaire BAP1500 is AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) certified to deliver clean air in rooms up to 170 square feet.

The CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate is -

  • Tobacco Smoke - 110
  • Dust - 110
  • Pollen - 110

The tower features independently controlled oscillation to improve air circulation and it also offers a three cleaning levels. While the lowest speed is very quiet, the next two speed settings do increase the noise level slightly but this is only to be expected. Far from being exceptionally noisy, the increased fan speed is noticeable in a quiet room.

Speed and oscillation can be controlled via the remote control that comes with the unit.

Approx Size - Height - 27 inches | Depth - 10 inches | Width - 7 inches

Key Features of the Bionaire BAP1500 PERMAtech Air Purifier

  • PERMAtech Permanent filter that should never need replacing with normal care
  • Built in service indicator - Lets you know when the filter needs cleaning
  • Slim space saving tower design
  • AHAM certified - 170 square feet
  • 99% HEPA Filtration
  • Washable foam pre filter
  • Electronic Ionizer for improved performance
  • Remote control operation
  • Oscillation for improved air circulation
  • Three cleaning levels
  • Quiet operation
Bionaire BAP1500-U Tower Air Purifier Bionaire BAP1500-U Tower Air Purifier
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