Bionaire Air Cleaner Review

Bionaire started off life some twenty years ago in Montreal, Canada. The company has since grown into a major player in the world market with their air cleaners being sold in over thirty countries worldwide.

The company design and build high technology products which are not only affordable but also help in the fight against poor air quality in our homes and offices. They also enhance the overall quality of life and assist in maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment indoors while bringing relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

Follow any of the links below for more information and reviews of the Bionaire Air Purifier range

Bionaire BAP815 Air Cleaner Bionaire BAP815 Air Cleaner

99% HEPA Filter with odor reducing carbon filter and independent ionizer. Stylish slim tower design and remote control operation

Bionaire BAP825 Air CleanerBionaire BAP825 Air Cleaner

Sleek and stylish tower design featuring 99% HEPA filtration, odor reducing carbon filter and electronic ionizer

Bionaire BAP1225 Air PurifierBionaire BAP1225 Air Purifier

Quite operation and slim design, this air cleaner features 99.97% true HEPA filtration, with activated carbon filter for odor reduction together with EnviroCheck Wireless Air Quality Center

Bionaire BAP1250 Air PurifierBionaire BAP1250 Air Purifier

Slim design and quiet operation, this unit features built in air quality sensors, 99.97% HEPA filtration and odor reducing carbon filters

Bionaire BAP1412-U Mini Tower Air Cleaner

Sporting a space saving mini tower design, the BAP1412-U features the Bionaire PERMAtech HEPA type filter as well as an optional built in air ionizer

Bionaire BAP1500 Air CleanerBionaire BAP1500 Air Cleaner

Tower design air purifier with high efficiency HEPA type filter and independent ionizer. Features PERMAtech permanent filter technology

Bionaire BAP2000 Air CleanerBionaire BAP2000 Air Cleaner

Permanent HEPA type filter, independent Ionizer and Galileo wireless air quality center which measures air quality and remotely operates this unit

Bionaire BAP242 Air CleanerBionaire BAP242 Air Purifier

Dual position table top air cleaner with 99% HEPA filtration, activated carbon odor control filter and washable pre filter that traps larger dust particles

Bionaire BAP422 Air PurifierBionaire BAP422 Air Purifier

Stylish slim tower design air purifier featuring 99% HEPA filter with odor reducing activated carbon filter and independent ionizer