Basement Dehumidifier to Keep a Damp Basement Dry

If you have a basement in your home, then you have probably had the experience of starting down the stairs only to be met with the dank, musty, mildew smell that made you turn on your heels and decide there was nothing you needed to get down there after all. However, if you are like most folks, then you need to make good use of all parts of your home and a basement dehumidifier can help you reclaim that space.

Basement Dehumidifier for Moisture and Mold

Without a dehumidifier in the basement, things can get pretty ugly down there with water seeming to hang in the air and collecting on the walls, and maybe even dripping and leaving puddles on the basement floor. Worse than that, this moisture can build up and ruin any furniture or other possessions you have down there and it can lead to a mold problem as well, which could lead to serious health risks for you and your family.

Even when folks are faced with those types of issues, many still are unsure about a basement dehumidifier being a good investment. For those who would love to enjoy a downstairs living area that is free of the dampness and mustiness that excess humidity causes, then such an appliance is going to be worth much more to them than the cost of the unit.

A home dehumidifier system in your house, or even just a room dehumidifier in the basement, will help to quickly eliminate the problems of dampness on this lower level. The issues of rust, mildew, musty smells, and allergy-inducing molds will be taken care of in short order. You owe it to yourself and to your family to invest in the structural soundness and the overall healthy atmosphere of your home. A wet basement is unquestionably a harmful situation that strikes at the very foundation of your home.

Basement Dehumidifier - Danby 60 Pint Continuous Drain Energy Star CompliantA basement dehumidifier will also allow you to reclaim some of the space that you have not been using in your home because of the condition of the basement area. Many folks enjoy using that area as a game room or a family room after they get the basement air dehumidifier up and running. A portable dehumidifier is also a great choice for basements that have several separate areas, and they work perfectly for keeping storage spaces and small warehouses in good shape all year round.

Best Basement Dehumidifier Size

When choosing a basement dehumidifier, you will quickly discover that you have many different brands, models and styles of air dehumidifiers that you can choose from. If you also have some humidity issues in other parts of the house, you might want to install a whole house dehumidifier, but this is the most expensive choice. If the problem is localized to just the basement and the rest of the house has good humidity levels, then you can either opt for a portable dehumidifier that you would be able to move from one area of the basement to another, or a room dehumidifier if the basement is one large space.

You should measure the area where your basement dehumidifier will be used so that you can be sure to get a properly sized unit for your situation.

While doing your comparison shopping, be sure that you know what the energy rating is for each model you are considering. In addition, it is a good idea to search the internet for reviews to learn about the most reliable brands of air dehumidifiers.