Auto Air Freshener For That New Car Smell

While it is no surprise that different folks have different preferences and sensitivities when it comes to various smells and aromas, almost everybody is able to agree with the notion of keeping the car smelling fresh and clean with a quality auto air freshener.

Auto Air Freshener New Car Scent

In general, folks enjoy getting into a car that has a welcoming smell. In fact, one of the most sought after smells that is requested of auto dealerships and automobile detailers is that "new car smell." Of course, not everybody is enamored with the new car smell.

Folks have their own preferences about how they want their car to smell when they crack open the door and slide behind the steering wheel. Due to these varying preferences, there is a huge assortment of different kinds of car air freshener dispensing units on the market.

One simple and innovative approach to auto air freshener dispensers is a small plastic unit that clips onto a vane of the dashboard air vent. This is an unobtrusive way to infuse a small dose of scented air freshener into the interior and utilize the car's ventilation system to disperse it throughout.

Another popular type of air freshener for your car is the gel air freshener dispensers that have an adhesive on the bottom of the container. With this small adhesive strip you can attach gel air fresheners to your dashboard or you can tuck one under your seat if you want it to be out of the way and unobtrusive.

Auto Air Freshener Tree

No listing of air freshener options would be complete without mentioning the classic, well known, and well-loved tree shaped air fresheners.

For many folks, a pine scented tree air freshener is tied to memories of the first car they remember or of long road trips watching that little tree swaying from the rear view mirror.

Leather Scent Auto Air Freshener for that New Car SmellIt used to be that these little tree air fresheners only came in pine, but nowadays they are available in a dozen different fresh and fun flavors.

Auto Air Freshener Dispenser

For folks who prefer a more high-tech look, the Giga series of air freshener dispensers might be for you. These tiny tubes hold replaceable air freshener refills and are considered the very cutting edge of scent technology. Additionally, they look very stylish and will garner positive attention. They come in a variety of colors, finishes, including holographic metal with chrome trim, and you can choose from many scent options as well.

For a bit more along the lines of fun and whimsy, you can also find air fresheners that feature some favorite characters such as Garfield, Scooby-Doo, and various Loony-Tunes buddies. For sports fans, you can also find your favorite major league team insignia emblazoned on car air freshener designs that can be found at many specialty stores.

Whatever style and fragrance you choose for your car air freshener, be sure it is something that you will enjoy while you are in your car. One side benefit many folks do not think of is that you can use a scented auto air freshener to help you control stress while driving, if you select aromas that help calm and ease the nerves.