Austin Air HealthMate Air Purifier Review

The Austin Air HealthMate air purifier is a mid range unit for the home that boasts several advanced features. It clears an extremely respectable quantity of air, albeit a touch more noisily when compared with some others. Nevertheless, it clears it very well, on account of a feature not found in any other major home air purifiers available on the market.

This particular model is not likely to set your heart aflutter with its aesthetics. It is a forty-five pound rectangle-shaped box with dimensions of twenty-three inches high by fourteen and a half inches square. This boxy design virtually restricts you to corners unless of course you intend putting it in the center of the room. However, the size and weight are compensated for by a set of four sturdy casters making it an easy task to move from one room to another.

Austin Air HealthMate Filter

Austin Air Healthmate Air PurifierNo matter where you locate it, the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier really does the job and one reason behind that is its unique filter design. As well as performing the usual tasks of removing airborne dust and pet dander, it is also capable of clearing Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC's and odors. Fumes from paint, home cleaning products, pet litter smells, and more are simply eliminated after a couple of hours use.

It does that utilizing a tri-filter technique that combines activated carbon with Zeolite, and adds a Hepa filtration system, as well. Better still, and in contrast to various other units, the Austin Air HealthMate includes over fifteen pounds of carbon. This particular model is designed to adsorb more than three thousand different VOC’s and odors. Its True Medical-Grade HEPA filter houses in excess of sixty square feet of extremely efficient material.

Austin Air HealthMate Replacement Filter

A minor disadvantage to that design is that you will need to replace the combined HEPA/carbon/Zeolite filter as one unit. Fortunately, the anticipated life span of these types of filter systems along with their modest cost makes that a minor problem. They are rated at five years and the user reviews on Amazon indicate that is no exaggeration.

Having its venting all across the bottom, the HealthMate draws air from three hundred and sixty degrees around the case. It exhausts towards the top, so it is not going to simply recycle its own output. Additionally it draws a LOT of air. The Austin Air HealthMate air purifier is rated to clear rooms as big as fifteen hundred square feet in around fifteen minutes. Once again, real-world customers concur that Austin is playing it straight.

Austin Air HealthMate Noise Levels

Having said that, it is among the noisier units out there. On low it produces 50 dB and on medium, 55 dB. However, on high, it produces a reasonably loud 66 dB. Nevertheless, some folks tend to be much less sensitive to that particular type of white noise, so it is a rather subjective matter.

Unfortunately, as well, the HealthMate provides very few indicators to tell you what is happening. The majority of air purifiers display fan speed, ionizer activity, a filter replacement light, or various other useful signs. The HealthMate includes a simple dial for fan speed with no lights, graphs, or anything else. You can definitely sense that it is working by feeling the results of the clean air you inhale. Nonetheless, the majority of folks want to see what is going on, as well.

Even so, a couple of minor limitations aside, the Austin Air HealthMate air purifier is a superb unit. The filtering system is first class and you are able to use it in the biggest room and still get all of the healthy air you require and then some.