Alen A350 Energy Star Air Purifier Review

The Alen A350 Energy Star air purifier delivers plenty of air cleaning capacity within a stylish design. It is manufactured from high quality components, which have been brought together for the job of cleaning the air inside your home. Its space saving design means that the Alen 350 can either be wall mounted or put on the floor.

Alen A350 Air Purifier Ratings

Even though the Alen A350 is not a top of the range unit, it can certainly clean plenty of air for a mid power model. It is rated for approximately eight hundred square feet, but in reality will likely be a lot more effective inside a space of around two hundred and fifty six square feet. That equates to a relatively good-sized bedroom or home office.

Alen A350 Energy Star Air PurifierBecause of its well-made seals, the Alen A350 really does an efficient job of cleaning the air as well. Its gaskets start out tight and remain tight, doing away with any air bypass issue. Air which moves through the unit will be filtered without any leakage. The slits on the front side help pull in that air from several directions, while the exhaust is ported out at the top rear of the unit. By distancing those two well helps prevent the device from simply recycling its own output.

Alen A350 Ionizer

The A350 also features an ionizer which helps attract smoke, airborne dust particles and dust mites. It is able to kill many of the unhealthy microorganisms, which drift through the air such as airborne bacterium and mold spores. Prospective buyers will be pleased to discover that those ions are not in the form of ozone, which is an older technology which could occasionally do just as much harm as good for lung tissue.

In addition, a twelve-hour timer can be set to start and stop the system automatically. If you are sensitive to background noise, for instance, it is no effort to allow it to do the heavy-duty air cleansing in the bedroom through the day. Then you sleep well during the night while it maintains the air quality on the low setting.

Alen A350 Noise Levels

Alen A350 Air Purifier ControlsWhile the A350 is not as quiet as some comparable home air cleaners, it is still a good performer with regards to  noise levels. On low setting it generates 36 dB, while on high, the sound intensity is 65 dB. Although that is noticeable, you could still hear the television over the sound with no problem.

The indicators and controls are straightforward, user friendly and easy to read. There are basic push buttons for speed, a timer, and the ionizer. There is no need to use the speed button if you do not want to since there is an integrated sensor, which adjusts the fan for any one of four speeds. When bad air passes by, the fan speed auto-magically increases to clear pollutants in minimal time.

Alen A350 Air Filter

The hybrid filtering system makes routine maintenance extremely easy, as well. It includes a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, as well as a HEPA filter. In contrast to the majority of units, you replace all of them simultaneously; as they are all contained in a single housing. Take it out, pop a replacement in and you are done.

The Alen A350 home air purifier also offers something not available on any other unit that we are aware of and that is a lifetime guarantee on defective parts or workmanship for as long as you own the unit. The only thing you have to do is change the filter at least every six months in order to prevent excessive stress on the motor. The great reputation of the Alen Corporation inside the industry makes clear that they are unlikely to have to honor that warranty very often.