Best Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergy

Congratulations, you are parents to a beautiful little girl! Your new daughter is just perfect. Ten little fingers, ten toes and a rosy little nose. Could you imagine anybody feeling prouder than you do at this moment, but then, something that you also could not have imagined.

The doctor comes into your room. "I'm afraid little Sarah is having a problem with her breathing."

It turns out that Sarah is showing signs of asthma. The doctor tells you that while this may be a scary time, it seems to be a mild case and prevention will be key.

The only good news is that you are not alone even though it may feel that way. Many people out there are struggling to create better air quality in their homes. Of course, this does not do a thing to stop you worrying. How do you deal with asthma, especially in somebody as small as your baby daughter.

There are things that you can do to ensure Sarah's quality of life. Eliminating asthma triggers with air purifiers is important and Sarah's doctor advises you to look into buying an air purifier for each level of your home.

When it comes to shopping for an air purifier for asthma and allergy, what exactly are you looking for? Questions that run through your mind are what kind of air purifier do you need. What allergens can trigger an asthma attack and what type of air purifier eliminates those triggers?

What is the Best Air Purifier for Asthma

Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier for Asthma ReliefYou leave the hospital loaded with information about the differences in air purifiers. There are HEPA, Ultraviolet and ionic air purifiers but you need to do some thorough research to find out the differences before you start to shop.

After spending time trawling the Internet, you have armed yourself with information on dust mites and mold, which are the two leading triggers of asthma. You have compared air purifiers that can handle both of these allergens and now you need to find models to fit your budget. However, what price can you put on the quality of life for your treasured baby daughter - she is priceless.

Ionic Air Purifier for Asthma

Out of all of the different types, the Ionic air purifier is probably the most well known of them all. It works by negatively charging dust, dirt, mold and other allergens and instead of floating in the air they drop to the ground. The air purifier will remove most of the debris with your vacuum cleaner and a duster getting the rest.

With some routine housework and a couple of Ionic air purifier models, you have a reasonable solution. Is this the best air purifier for asthma or is there something better?

HEPA Air Purifier for Asthma and Allergies

HEPA air purifiers remove contaminants from the air using a filter. These filters can capture 98% of the dust and mites that can trigger an asthma attack, but the HEPA air purifier is not so good when it comes to mold. Consequently, the HEPA is crossed off your list.

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

In this type of air purifier, light energy is used to kill mold spores, dust mites and other allergens and what is more, hospitals use ultraviolet air purifier systems to keep germs down to a minimum.

The fact that ultraviolet air purifiers are the system used in most hospitals seems to make them an obvious choice. Next problem is to find a UV air purifier for asthma to suit your needs and hopefully meet your budget.

The majority of ultraviolet air purifiers seem to be very expensive so you again decide to take a closer look at the ionic air purifier for asthma control. You do some pricing, and feel it is a good choice. However, you want to consult your doctor before going any further - a smart move on your part!