Air Purifiers for Mildew – Mold – Radon Gas

What is the first vision that comes to you when you think of Vermont? If you are like most Americans then you will no doubt think of wide-open spaces, mountains and of course, clean mountain air. Well, guess what, that vision could not be further from the truth, especially with the clean mountain air association.

Maybe it is due to the extreme weather conditions that the area faces, but Vermont has many hidden issues that require an air purifier. As well as air purifiers, other systems also become important such as humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

One thing most Vermont homes have in common is a basement. However, basements can host a multitude of mold spores, mildew spores and even radon, which is a radioactive gas, found in the earth and is known to be a cause of lung cancer. The best way to get rid of radon gases is with a top-notch air purifier system

In Vermont, a typical basement is also home to the laundry room and you know just how much time you can spend doing the weekly laundry. Spending all of that time down in the basement, you cannot help but breathe in these molds and even radon gases, if they are present

Air Purifiers for Radon Gas

Most basements, because they are below ground level, can be very damp year round; so controlling the air quality is essential. A dehumidifier is ideal for removing the excess moisture from the air, which in turn, will reduce some molds and mildews. However, a dehumidifier is no use whatsoever in removing radon.

In the upper levels of the house, the exact opposite conditions occur because air above ground level can be extremely dry, especially in winter months. To overcome this dryness, a humidifier is needed in order to add moisture back to the air. However, once again, radon can still be present in the air, which is where an air purifier comes in.

Neither the dehumidifier nor the humidifier will have any effect on mold spores or any radon in the air. Radon is sometimes called a silent killer, as you cannot see it smell it. For this most important issue, you need to look into an air purifier.

If you have even the remotest suspicion that you have Radon in the air, you should, in the first instance, contact your state authority. As well as having many brochures on air purifier systems, they will also be able to offer free radon test kits. Within a few months, you will know for sure if you are at risk from radon and you will then know what type of air purifier system you will need to purchase.

Air Purifiers for Mildew and Mold

Look around your home for other indications that an air purifier is really the appliance you need

  • Are you continually fighting signs of mildew?
  • Is dusting your home a daily routine?
  • Do the windows steam up frequently when you cook or when the shower has been on?
  • Despite using a dehumidifier, do you still have mushrooms growing in your basement?

These are all critical warning signs and should not be ignored. You may just need an air purifier for mildew and mold spores but you could also be one of the few who need something that is capable of removing radon as well. Either way, your health is worth it.