Air Fresheners

How To Use Air Fresheners Correctly

Nobody wants to be stuck in a room that is filled with unpleasant odors and because of this, it has become common to find all kinds of air fresheners on store shelves. They are used in many different applications in homes, from the kitchen and bathroom,...

Aerosol Air Fresheners

Aerosol air fresheners fall into one of two classifications which are either as odor neutralizers or as a mixture of fragrance components designed to mask smells as opposed to eliminating them

House Odor Elimination – Air Fresheners that Work on Odors

Did you know that some of the worst house odor causes, such as from the bathroom, diapers and the garbage bin, are caused by bacteria and cannot be filtered out with common household air purifiers? Did you also know that the majority of ordinary air fresheners...

Metered Air Fresheners Help Overcome Bad Odors

Numerous situations occur where it just makes good sense to utilize metered air fresheners. Most public restroom facilities these days now use these products to help keep bad odors under control. Locker rooms are also viable locations for this technology,...

Plug in Air Fresheners that Neutralize the Air

Now, you do not have to use an aerosol spray can every time you want to enhance the fragrance of your home or office because plug in air fresheners will give your space a clean and fresh scent all day long, and you will not have to worry about using sprays...

Bion Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser With Remote Control

The Bion automatic air freshener dispenser product line has a loyal following of users who say that they are the best metered air freshener devices available

Ionic Breeze Air Freshener Offers High-Tech Air Cleaning

The Sharper Image is a well-known retailer that has brought many innovative products to the market and the Ionic Breeze air freshener has been one of their all time best sellers, with sales of over a million units in just the last few years since they...

Renuzit Air Freshener House Odor Neutralizer

It is no surprise that people tend to oppose walking into a house only to be greeted by unpleasant musty smells and odors. Because of this fact, it should also be no surprise that store aisles are lined with a vast array of air fresheners to tackle problems...

Glade Air Freshener Products For Quality Fragrances Around The Home

The Glade air freshener line of products is well known for both selection and quality. As well as aerosol air fresheners, Glade also makes gel air fresheners, plug in air fresheners and assorted air freshener dispensers

Auto Air Freshener For That New Car Smell

While there are many types of auto air freshener available, one of the most popular requests is for one that offers that new car smell

Bring Back Memories With A Car Air Freshener

If like most folks, you have probably been in a car with one of those little green car air freshener trees that twirled around in the window and let off a great scent of pine