Aerosol Air Fresheners

At one time of another, every home or office space needs to have the air freshened up and improved with the help of aerosol air fresheners. Some people are very surprised when they arrive at the store to buy their spray air fresheners because there are so many different fragrances that they can use to make their environment smell better.

While there are many types of more passive air fresheners products on the market that deliver pleasing scents on a continuous basis day in and day out, when there is a strong odor to deal with, it's time to bring out the cans of spray air fresheners. Aerosols are designed to be able to deliver a strong punch of concentrated formulas to handle the problems.

Zero Odor Aerosol Air Fresheners

The majority of aerosol air fresheners are designed to take care of one of two different freshening jobs. One classification is the odor neutralizers. This kind of air freshener contains ingredients that are able to remove the smell from the room while not being scented. People often use neutralizers if they have sensitivities to the aerosols that contain fragrances.

Scented Aerosol Air Fresheners

The second primary type of aerosols contains a mixture of fragrance components. These elements are designed to mask the smells as opposed to eliminating them. Some people enjoy being able to give a certain ambiance to a room by using different air freshener spray choices. In fact, some people even choose different scented air fresheners to match their moods.

Glade Smoke Eliminator Aerosol Air FreshenersIt is the vast array of fragrances that are available now in spray air fresheners that provide so many of the options and choices available. Aerosols can be found to deliver just about any kind of pleasant aroma imaginable. From fragrances as elusive as "fresh water" or "outdoor fresh" to exotic nose bouquets of "tropical mist" or "Hawaiian breeze" to down home aromas of "apple cinnamon," these spray air fresheners can conjure up all kinds of good feelings, wonderful memories, and even hope for possibilities.

Aerosols are a quick way to overcome a sudden odor from the kitchen or bathroom, or to keep a room smelling good and inviting. Many people love to quickly spritz a bit of air freshener spray in each room before company arrives. Others find they enjoy more pleasant dreams when they fall asleep with a favorite aroma freshly sprayed in their bedroom.

Non Aerosol Air Fresheners

Even though aerosols are great at being able to deliver a fast burst of fragrance into a room, people should also consider using other forms of air freshener products if they want longer lasting and subtler fragrance throughout the house. Plug in air fresheners are a good way to allow a tiny bit of fragrance into the atmosphere on a continual basis without putting any chemicals into the air, like aerosols do.

If you live in a cold climate and your house is well insulated, then you might want to use aerosol air fresheners sparingly. When there is little air circulation in such situations, the chemicals in the aerosol sprays can build up over time and cause some irritation. When you use aerosol air fresheners, you should also be sure to aim the spray away from you and then leave the room for a few minutes while the spray has a chance to settle.