Advantages of a Portable Air Conditioner

While there are numerous advantages to living in small spaces, very hot weather can turn a cozy small home or compact apartment into an oven. When temperatures soar, particularly for extended periods, this can cause not only discomfort to the residents, but can even create situations that put their health at risk. A portable air conditioner is a wonderful solution for cooling down small areas and getting relief from the heat.

A portable room air conditioner is defined as an air conditioning unit that can be simply moved from one room to another to provide cooling, depending upon the requirements of the occupants.

Portable Air Conditioner Installation

One of the main advantages of these portable units for air control is that they do not have to be installed through the wall like wall air conditioners do, neither do they need to be connected to an outside compressor unit like a central air conditioner. This makes them ideal for folks living in rented apartments or houses because they are not a permanent fixture.

Even homeowners with larger homes still might not want to incur the expenditure of installing a central air conditioner on their property, when a portable air conditioner might be enough. At the same time, these portable units are also perfect for those who live alone and who want to keep costs down by only cooling off one room at a time, yet would also like the flexibility of being able to move the conditioner from one room to the next as necessary.

Soleus Air Portable Air Conditioner Energy Star CompliantInstead of the usual installation, a portable air conditioner uses a flexible hose that runs to a window. The hose is then connected to a venting kit, which allows the hot exhaust air to vent to the outdoors. As well as being flexible the exhaust hose is normally from five to seven feet in length, allowing the device to be positioned as needed in a room, rather than having to be right next to the window.

Portable Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

These small, portable air conditioning units do not require permanent installation and they are also mobile. The cases that they are housed in generally have casters attached to the bottom for easy movement, so they can be rolled from one room to the other, as they are needed. For example, during the evening, they can be run in the living room or family room, and when it is time to go to bed, they can easily be moved to a bedroom to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

This also makes portable air conditioners a good choice for keeping electrical consumption low, as they do not cool the entire house, but only the rooms that are being used most. There are many different models available and some of them have timers that can be set to either begin cooling a room before you get home from work, or to turn off during the night after you have fallen comfortably asleep.

A portable air conditioner is typically between twenty-five and thirty five inches in height and weighs eighty pounds. The portable room air conditioner units come in models that range from 9000 BTUs to 14000 BTUs. Some of these units also have a heating mode so that it can also be used to warm a room during the winter months.